Monday, March 23, 2009

The one where I bore everyone with photos of Miss Isla...

I feel as though I'm finally starting to overcome my under-the-weatherness from last week (yes, I'm talking to YOU, Mrs Hormones) and I thought I'd celebrate by posting a couple of photos of the Divine Miss I and bore the pants off anyone who cares to wear pants (which is optional as a reader of this blog - I hold no pants-based prejudices).

Please also forgive the lack of witty or entertaining captions. My brain capacity knows some serious limits these days, and wit is well outside those limits. In fact, if I can say more than "Blart," I consider it a very good day.

I will say that this suit reminds me of the one the little baby wears in The Labyrinth (although his was red I think) and that makes me happy. I just hope she isn't kidnapped by David Bowie and held hostage in a castle made of never-ending stairs. If she survives life without that happening then I think we've done well.

Now that's just cute.

B x

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planettreasures said...

She is so incredibly cute!
She looks like a little singing angel.