Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The One Where I Say, "Oh, haaiiiii."

Oh, haaiiiii. It's. been. so. long. I'm sorry. Very, very sorry.

I have had a multitude of computer issues (no Etsy for almost a month, no Facebook for over a month, photo freak outs, etc) that getting on the old laptop has been more of a stress than anything. But it finally appears that everything is back on track, so here I am.

Been keeping rather busy over the past few weeks, in preparation for the Stitches and Craft Show but am nowhere near prepared. Of course. I'm still experimenting with the kits that I will be putting together, trying to make it as streamlined as possible. I'm sure I'll get there, but I just wish I was one of those early-preparing types, rather than the "oh, yes, I do have an assignment due next week. I'll get to it... I'll get to it... I'll get... Bugger! It's due this afternoon" types.

In related news, my delightful crafty friend, Mrs Pineapplehead will be joining me at Stitches and Craft to help me run my stand!! So excellent! So excited!! So relieved! (Isla is no longer happy to just chill in her pram for longer than an hour or two, which makes 7 hour days at the craft show seem rather unachievable).

In other other news, I received a phonecall at 7.01am last Friday morning from my mum who was exclaiming excitedly down the line, "She's wearing your necklace! She's wearing it! Turn the telly on!"

I did:

Yayayay! That absolutely made my week! I know the lovely Natalie Barr said she would try to incorporate my jewellery into her on-air wardrobe, but I never really expected to see her wearing a piece. It was a delightful shock. (Dreadful screen-grabbing skills on my part. Sorry, Nat!)

I sent her an email to say thanks and she replied to say that they had received a couple of emails from viewers wanting to know where they could buy my jewellery and that she had forwarded my details. So that was rather exciting!

I'm trying to rectify a camera problem that I'm having, because I've got so many photos to share from the last few weeks. The garden is going gang-busters, Isla is redefining the acceptable levels of cuteness and I'm working on some new fabulousness in the studio. Sadly, these things I cannot share with you. Yet. But I will.

Have wonderful days!

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