Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Win for the Good Guys.

While Clare, my favourite favourite Australia's Next Top Model contestant did not win (boo!), I was so happy to see the sweetheart of the contest, Tahnee take out the title of Australia's Next Top Model.

Gorgeous, fresh-faced and athletic, I felt like it was a win for the good guys. Hurrah! A model with curves! And she's not being referred to as 'plus-sized'.

Time will tell whether or not the fashion folk are willing to embrace Tahnee as a serious model, or if they'll keep their blinkers on, employing (while delightful, I'm sure) stick-thin teenagers to showcase fashion for women. How can we expect girls, or women for that matter, to have a balanced view of themselves?!

I hope Tahnee heralds a new generation.

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