Monday, December 28, 2009

Exciting Things!

It's been an exciting year in both business and life at large, and I plan on doing one of those retrospective, "The Year That Was" type posts soon. But for now, let me tell you of the exciting businessy things that are in the works right this very moment.

- New Website! Set to launch in February, this one will be fully equipped with an excellent shopping cart, a blog and other nice things. I'm quite excited!

- Photoshoot! With a real human model! I've enlisted the help of a very talented photographer relative and a very beautiful friend and will be shooting all three collections between now and New Years. Totally excited!

- Trade Show! Our first foray into trade shows, via Life in Style, is rapidly approaching (Febraury - hence the work-in-the-Christmas-break-time urgency of said photoshoot) and I'm getting nervous. And excited.

- Catalogue! The photoshoot will culminate in a (hopefully) beautiful 16-page lookbook. So excited!

- Currently working on new collection ideas and hoping to soon start research/development on a range on home decor. Incredibly excited!

I suppose it's fair to say that I am excited about a lot of things for the coming year. And that's just the business. Wait till you hear about what the year holds for the Sparky, Isy and myself.

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