Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fingers to the bone...

Today was a busy, busy day. I cut about 1,753,390 pieces of acrylic and spent a couple of hours cutting paper and fabric to size. I made dinner, I made lunch, I made potato salad and I washed lots of clothes. I blogged and I worked on the details of two wholesale orders. Then I had to go to work.

Tomorrow brings a mammoth resin pouring session once I get home.

I'm feeling rather good about tomorrow. I know what I'm wearing to work, I know what I'm having for lunch and I know what I'm cooking for dinner. (Snapper fillets with olive oil, tomato and oregano dressing, kipfler potatoes and salad - yum!) I feel on top of things!!

What the...?


Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

I can relate to your day. I have an outside job and a 3 hour commute everyday - it certainly makes for a long day. In order to accomplish everything that I need to do some thing has to give, usually it's sleep and/or not paying attention to my husband and dog.

I love the days when I know what I'm wearing for work, knowing what's for lunch and already know what I'm cooking for dinner. Those days are coming few and far between since I started my own business.

Did you make those earrings? They're fantastic!

Brooke MC said...

Thanks, dancing monkey! It can certainly be a tough job to juggle all those balls, can't it? I think I feel on top of things about once every 6 months!!

And I did make the earrings - they're some of my current faves, actually.