Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rain, yay. Rain, boo. Rain, yay.

Sparky and I are heading up the central coast this weekend, to visit Sparky's cousin, Leap Year Boy. LYB lives in beautiful, beautiful Matcham Valley and we're hoping to kick about in the sun for a couple of days. Unforch, this wonderful La Nina weather pattern is dictating otherwise. Perhaps we'll sit around a very large fire and drink stout instead. Actually... YAY for La Nina!! YAY for stout!! I think I may cook some brownies to take.

The boo is for the humidity, which has made pouring my temperamental little resin so much more difficult and fraught with the danger of so much waste. So the mammoth pour is off until the humidity reaches somewhere under 156%.

The final yay is for the dams. Up, up and up may they go. Until we have to open them and let water out... What a crazy thought...


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