Friday, February 29, 2008

Summer over...

I love summer. And now, summer is as far away as it ever will be because today is the first day of autumn. But WHAT a day! Gorgeous here, if not a little cool. Perfect for resining before we head up the coast.

On the agenda is many more large pendants, similar to my Joie de Vivre above. Sally from Georgie Love has also asked me to send some more stockarooney to her, so I'll get some wonderful pieces together for her and Georgie too.

My current favourite, FAVOURITE thing is my Barcelona Cocktail Ring. It's colours remind me of really hot afternoons in Barcelona, and hanging out in the shadowy Old Town to escape the sun.

Anyway, I hope the weekend is good for all, and that you receive whatever weather you wish for.


1 comment:

Georgie Love said...

Have to say, I agree - that ring is gorgeous!