Friday, May 2, 2008

Boy, oh, boy...

I've been a very naughty blogger, haven't I?

I've had a wedding, a cold and a busy, silly week. And, I'll be honest, I've been feeling a little deflated due to the fact that I was knocked back for Hope Street Markets. (Boo! Their loss...)

But I'm back, I'm motivated and I've taken the coming Monday and Tuesday off work so I'm on the edge of a four-day weekend! Big plans ahead:

- Monster Cut
- Mammoth Pur
- Gigantic Sanding
- Enormous Polish
- Operation CUYG
- Start on Trove's (official) business plan ahead of business registration
- Market Prep
- Restocking at Georgie Love

Much, much more.

Feeling cruddy right now... Will be back to show some more of my new gold pieces shortly...

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