Friday, May 23, 2008

Luck is a funny thing.

Such a long time away from here - big apologies!! Not only was I so much sicker than I thought last time I posted (I was out of action for another week) but last weekend some horrible things happened to Sparky and we've been trying to sort ourselves out since. It could have been much worse but thankfully it wasn't. But I'm pissed nonetheless...

Anyway, bright side now - we're going on holidays at the end of this week so if there's anything Trovey you may be wanting to make your own, orders close on Tuesday 27th May!

And now that my mind is slipping away from bad things and towards the goodie goodness of a holiday, I decided to put together some beautiful things that I wish I had the money to buy and take with me...

First up are these comfy, scrumfy socks from knitwit4eva on Etsy. I really just want to put these on with a big, cuddly jumper and a pair of leggings, drink red wine and sing Paul Simon songs with Sparky.

And, to be honest, I don't even know what I'd do with these very sexy knitted thingies, other than feel really, very cosy in the calf department, but yeeouch! New York's yearofthegoat is my new favourite seller. Check out this most excellent offering - The Medium is the Message Tunic Sweater!! I am in lurrrve!!

I really just want to stomp around in these awesome vintage boots. I can see it now, black leggings, grey knee-high socks, these boots from Canada's own cookiesandcream and a big, old woolen turtleneck jumper my mum gave me last year. Hmm.... And I think I need a hat. Yes...

dahliasoleil is my go-to girl for awesome hats and this Mary Jane is no different. Creamy, soft and with a dash of my favouritest colour in the world - green!

So now that I've made myself sick with lust, I am going to have a coffee from downstairs (it IS only 7.45am after all) and get cracking. I have a school fete on tomorrow (Our Lady of the Way in Emu Plains - if you're in the area, pop in, say hi, buy stuff) and so, so much to do.

I hope all weekends are without crappiness!!
B xx

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Lisa Amber said...

yay! Cool socks! :)
You're really lucky! :)

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