Sunday, August 23, 2009

Done and Dusted.

Stitches and Craft is officially over and I am officially ecstatic! What a massive undertaking it proved to be, and not necessarily one of my most successful (I don't like regrets so I won't regret this either - all manner of opportunities may yet arise from it).

All I know is that I could not have done it without the massive help I received from Tez, who ran my stall Wed, Thurs and Fri and Sparky, who took the reins on the weekend. (Apologies if you came by to see me - I am not a handsome man, I was just absent!) Isla had a meltdown fortnight in the lead-up to and including the show, so I couldn't spend nearly as much time there as I would've liked at my stall, but thankfully I had help.

I've got some photos of my booth setup below, and would love to share some shots of my delightful fellow Incubatorians (particularly Monalisa Designs, Berlinski and Rummage) but I didn't get a chance to take shots of their gorgeous setups. I am, however, getting one of Monalisa's beautiful tweets for Isla's room so I'll show you that when it arrives.

I was pretty pleased with my booth setup, considering the space we had was quite limited (2m x 2m) and I loved how my new sign turned out.

The resin kits sold pretty well, and I still have some available for purchase. If you're interested, send me an email and I'll get one out to you. They sold for $50 at the show but for blog readers they'll be $40 plus shipping. (They include an introductory booklet with projects, resin - retails for $30 - mixing cups, measuring cups, wooden stirrers, papers, acrylic bases and findings to make bobby pins, brooches and pendants). Bargain of the century!


planettreasures said...

Oh, I missed you : (
But glad you had such great helpers.
your stand looked great.

Trove said...

Thanks Tess! It's a shame I didn't catch you at the show. Hope you had fun though!

Georgie Love said...

Oh yes please, put me done for a kit@!

Mel Makes Pretty said...

I would love to buy one of your resin kits if you have any left over. melmakespretty[at]yahoo[dot]com.
Thanks so much,