Sunday, August 9, 2009

The One Where I Apologise

Oh. Hello there. Yes, I do still exist and occasionally I do actually turn on my computer. And (even less) occasionally, I may write a blog post. Such as this one.

I have been madly preparing for the Stitches and Craft Show which begins in (gulp) one week and two days. I am building a very solid inventory which will either all sell out (yay!) or hold me in good stead for the crazy October-December Christmas and market frenzy. So this is a good thing.

I've also been working on my new collection (hello chunky neck plates, vintage doilies and pretty ribbon), experimenting with my friend Joe the Plastics Man on how I can speed up my production process for my Elements and Still Life Collections, doing a mass mailout to boutiques, working on my catalogue and linesheet, sourcing some of the most gorgeous papers IN. THE. WORLD. and putting together a limited number (hint: 100) of the 'Introduction to Working with Resin' kits that will be for sale at Stitches and Craft.

It's been a stressful, wonderfully productive time and I (mostly) wouldn't trade it for anything. My higher levels of what I like to call 'real' business work come from a much-needed mindset shift where I now have to really focus on Trove as a business, rather than a quasi-business kinda-hobby thing. The problem I've had as the label has grown organically from a hobby is that I've never had to take the nitty-gritty completely seriously. And since my maternity leave started I've been swept along in the romantic notion of working at home. When the reality is that I am so passionate about my jewellery and to make my label a success AND so determined to be able to stay at home with Isla, that I need to focus a lot more specifically on the things that really matter. Like a wise man once said, "Think of every day as an opportunity to make money," and while the idealist inside says that money isn't everything (totes true!) the reality is that money is required for living and that my back is to the wall.

So there you have it. A large dose of reality that is now in the public sphere. I have to make it work now!

Back to your regularly scheduled program of meandering, irregular updates and semi-interesting photos:

In order these photos are CUUUUTE, paper, paper, paper and the grab bags of (paper) that I will have for sale at Stitches and Craft. Bargain basement price of $5 will get you a variety of papers in a variety of sizes to use however you wish. I'd personally recommend decoupaging your toilet seat, but that's just me. I'm awesome like that.

Ooh, speaking of being awesome, do yourself a favour and check out Sally's most recent posts about why she is indeed awesome. (As if we needed reminding!)

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sandyxxx said...

What a wonderful piece! I'm graduated in Sculpture, yet I never practiced. My works in metal and tapestry have a lot in common with these forms. Thanks for sharing, and congratulaions on your work!

Seen you at Etsy, and by the way thank you for making me a fave. :)

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