Monday, August 17, 2009

Who? Oh, me. Right.

Hello. I do still exist.

I have approximately three minutes until my brain turns to mush and my baby starts crying, simultaneously, so I'll be brief.

I've just come home, drunk a glass of wine and put Isla to bed after the set-up for Stitches and Craft. It was fun. Until Issy lost her business and I had to run (yes, run) to save her poor grandmother from a nervous breakdown. After that, not so much fun.

All I can say is THANK THE LORD for the delightful Alison (from uber-gorgeous handbag/clutch label Berlinksi - - I'm too shattered too even hyperkink)* and her sister Bree for helping me out in my time of need. I'm quite pleased with my setup overall and I will take some photos over the next five days to share with you.

Aside from working 20 hours a day in preparation (slight exaggeration, but I have been awake for 20 hours a day all the same), I have been daydreaming about our upcoming holiday and buying swimsuits accordingly. Check this beautiful maillot out:

So, let me see... My last few weeks have consisted of making over 400 pieces of jewellery, dealing with a cranky cranky bub, holiday dreaming, online shopping (I have also bought delightful things from Georgie Love and Cocorikoo, and may or may not have an extra delightful something in the works for Sparky - hi Sparky!) and not sleeping a great deal. Yep. So I guess this is a comprehensive update. Excellent. I am an excellent blogger, yes? No. OK.

Must dash. Brain fried.

*OK, I see that it says hyperkink, but that made me chuckle, so it stays. The asterisk simply says that I'm not a moron who can't spellcheck.

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