Monday, April 7, 2008

I am the greatest!

I've had one of those productive mornings that just make me feel like the Queen of Being Awesome (and Modest, obviously).

By 11:30am I have:

- Done 2 loads of washing
- Cooked dinner (Chicken Chasseur - oh yeah!)
- Cleaned kitchen
- Made lots of errand-type phone calls
- Blogged
- Sanded bezels
- Glued
- Drank coffee
- Contacted Modamuse about my soon-to-be shipped parcel
- Ordered supplies from Rio Grande

I have 3 hours till I start work and I'd like to:

- Package up orders
- Go to Post Orifice
- Do a small pour
- Cut Shadows shapes
- Eat lunch
- Pat myself on the back

Best be off...


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