Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The return to Blogland...

..is a triumphant one!!

I was accepted to Modamuse!! (Cue excited screeching) I'm just finishing off the Not-So Mammoth Pour (otherwise known as Son of Mammoth) and will be getting a small range of my work listed there shortly. It's very exciting and so, so nerve-wracking to be grouped with such wonderful artists and crafters. I'm feeling rather chuffed though, I must admit.

Chuffed and tired. I've had an attack of the dizzies all week (possibly caused by the post-Easter chocolate-belly strangling my blood supply and keeping it from my brain) and have felt rather washed out. But I'll be back in full swing tomorrow, with a post about an exciting new store who will be carrying some Trovey goodness...

*waves to Paloma in Brisbane*

I'm sending my application off to Hope Street Markets tomorrow, and I have to say, I'm feeling a little intimidated. They're just so freakin' fabulous and the artists so bloody splendiferous that I worry about how I'll be received. But the organisers are certainly not going to knock on my front door and say, "We were just wandering past and thought we heard the sounds of a jewellery creator. Would you like to hold a stall at our fabulous markets?"

If they did, I'd be freaked right out.