Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Adventures in White Paint Land (oh, what... it's actually grey)

So over the long weekend, Sparky and I emptied the front room of furniture, sugar-soaped the aqua-hued walls and got down and painterly.

We chose a colour called Frosted Ice, which was in the whites section of the paint shop, because it was a cool white, perhaps even a tint grey and that's what we were after. After two coats and a full day of drying, it turns out that the grey-ish tint was actually pretty much just grey. So our crisp white walls are... well, not. They're a thoroughly modern grey though, which I rather like.

Some mediocre before and after-ish shots:

The fun part begins now, where we can focus on decorating our crisp, grey walls, sprucing up the chocolatey lounge and bringing our own feel to what once was a pretty bland space.

We're planning to paint our own canvas to put above the TV, and if finances allow, would love love L.O.V.E to buy a piece of art from Jason Wing to hang above the 3-seater.

The other wall will have a collection of photos, prints and bibs and bobs hung, gallery-style. And as for the soft furnishings, I do have fondness for these cushions from DwellStudio:

And I'd also rather like to find a bright red ceramic vase. Something a bit dramatic. Guess I'll just have to keep sniffing about online...

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