Friday, January 22, 2010


Currently reading: 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' and 'The 60-Second Procrastinator' (and yes, it *is* awesome and it *does* work).

Currently drinking: Water. It's too hot for wine.

Currently working on: Designing a wholesale order form. And it is as boring as it sounds.

Currently listening to: The Shins, 'Wincing the Night Away'.

Currently wishing for: The weather to cool the eff down.

Currently hating: Our internet. Which craps the bed every time the weather is over 30C and doesn't come back until midnight.

Currently daydreaming about: Fiji.

Currently planning: Our paint-attack on the living room. Bye-bye hideous aqua walls!

Currently happy about: My feature on Modish.

Currently writing: A list of pieces to send to Vogue.

Currently unhappy about: The fact that someone spoiled the Hottest 100 winner for me by posting a blind link on Twitter. I'm currently *very* unhappy about that!

Lame post. I thought it would get better as it went along.
Currently wrong.
Currently sorry.

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