Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hot and Not...

Hot: The weather.
Not: The frizz.

Hot: Camping holidays.
Not: Packing up in the rain.

Hot: Beach days.
Not: Ruined camera.

Hot: New camera.
Not: Paying for it.

Yes, we're back from our delightful camping holiday. The first with bubs in tow. And it was surprisingly relaxing and a lot of fun. Except for The Attack of the Insane Bushrat, Parts 1, 2 & 3. Ergh.

We stayed at a national park on the North Coast - real camping! No showers, pit toilets, BYO water, buuuumpy dirt access roads, cheap as chips. It was fantastic. We spent the time with my sister and her family before they head off on a year-long around-Australia adventure, and I had planned on taking many photos of the beautiful surrounds (crystal water, rainforest, heath), people and wildlife along the way. Unfortunately, forgetting the memory stick made that somewhat difficult, and packing up in the pouring rain (the only two hours of rain the entire 5 days we were there, and it's when we're packing up. WTH?!) while our camera sat, unnoticed, out in the weather, means that there'll be no more photos of anything until we get a replacement. Annoying.

Despite that, it was such a wonderful break. Just to completely unplug for a few days, check out, switch off, it was incredible. I found myself thinking more about the year ahead and getting excited about our plans. It's funny what a little breathing room can do for you.

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