Friday, January 29, 2010

Rings and Things & Warts and All.

Hi-di-ho blogarinos!

It's been quite a full-on week at Trove HQ - with the living room painting, the preparing for the Life in Style tradeshow, the hustle to get orders out for stockists new and old (Nook, i dream a highway, Maubourg, deNada), the production process overhaul, the inventory restock, the teething, the grouching, etc etc.

Productivity is high though. I'm feeling quite good about everything. Which is scaring me because the whole 'I've got this under control' thing almost always results in last-minute panic when I realise I've forgotten some majorly important thing. Like stock. Or my display. Or pants.

Aanyway. This week saw me make an absolute TONNE of Cercle Rings, as I've been waiting for word from my acrylics man that my Grafica neckpieces were ready to pick up (they were picked up today, which is excellent as it gives me all weekend to pour pour POUR!). The rings always have been and continue to be one of my absolute best sellers, and I find myself wearing one almost every day. I'm actually not a huge jewellery wearer myself (although I have been known to get about town wearing one of my Small Neckplates - Pinks quite frequently this summer) but the rings are just plain old fun to wear.

Also, I decided to post some images of the newly painted and decorated studio AS IS, rather than waiting for a time of rare calm where I could tidy and style and decorate the space to Modish-like perfection, then photograph it knowing it will never look like that ever again and would not actually function well as my studio.

So here are some shots of Trove HQ, warts and all:

There is more to it than that, but that makes up the majority of the space as I use it. And I love it. I seriously cannot believe the difference having a space that I like makes to my productivity. I have plans to make it a little prettier over time, adding some more touches of my own, but it's great. There is room to grow, more space for storage as it's needed, lots of fresh air and natural light, plus Bosci is very fond of curling up at my feet while I work, which is something I'm very fond of too.

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