Thursday, January 14, 2010

Renovation Nation.

2011 will be the year Sparky and I extend and renovate our teeny-tiny little 2-bedroom house (yay!), so 2010 will be the year we find our inspiration and make our plans.

We're actually painting the living room (the only room that will remain structurally unchanged when we renovate) over the long weekend, and have been looking at a gazillion home-y design-y blogs for inspiration. In the end though, we didn't have to look far because the people behind one of my favourite blogs gave a tour of their beautiful apartment on Design*Sponge and BOOM! we're in house-love.

White walls are a definite (with a child, yes, I know) because I love how they look with our timber floors, and how they will look when we eventually get a new grey lounge or two. We have quite a few interesting odds and ends that we haven't yet unpacked (I guess we were waiting for the walls to paint themselves) and I love the whole 'gallery of interesting photos and things' look on a crisp white wall.

I also have to finish decorating and organising the studio, even though it's tempting to get stuck straight in as it is, which is infinitely better than the gong show it was last year.

But I know that another half day getting EVERYTHING sorted will make such a massive difference. I've got a huge amount of work coming up and to be organised will make life a breeze (relatively speaking).

Plus, 2010 is the year to get organised and stay organised. And the year to exercise more.

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