Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I've cracked it!!

For as long as I have been making jewellery using resin, I have suffered a loss of approx 20 - 40% of each production run due to due this ridiculously mysterious bubbling in my products - particularly my Still Life range, but all were afflicted to some extent.

Obviously, this was INCREDIBLY frustrating and I just assumed it was par for the course when working with resin. It was disheartening though, particularly when working on custom orders or large runs. Sometimes I had no choice but to bin all of a run (upwards of 60 pieces).

But the aforementioned Mammoth Pour has cracked it!! Not one bubble. Not one loss. I am stupidly happy. I was using a new product and I think I've found my pouring Nirvana.

A shout out to kick-arse Aussie Etsian, estasketch for the use of her Ideas Book. I bought three of her Super Heroes pieces for Sparky's birthday last year. We love them. Alot.

My dinner is smelling delicious and I have a glass of semillon and the promise of Underbelly on TV. One of the best Australian dramas in...forever.

I'm sure I'll be awake gleefully drilling my perfect pour until the wee hours.

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