Monday, March 3, 2008

OPERATION: Clean Up, You Grub.

My name is Brooke MC and I am a messy schmuck.

I have a multiple choice quiz for you. We moved into the Sparky MC lovenest almost a year ago, and our spare bedroom was:

A) A spare bedroom
B) A dumping ground for those wedding presents we weren't quite sure what to do with.
C) Extra storage space
D) All of the above

Ding, ding, ding! The answer is D, all of the above!! All well and good. So recently we got rid of the spare bed and tried to have a clean up in order to convert the spare room into a studio/office. The above image is what we've ended up with. Hideous, isn't it?

So I'm still working at our dining room table. (My husband loves me.)

It is my hope, nay, my QUEST to turn our hovel into a well-organised, creative workspace. I'm thinking bookshelves, long workbench along the wall, computer desk, filing cabinet...

The rest of our home (except the dining table for the moment) is really very neat and lovely. We have some reno's to do, but we love our home. It's just this room and the ensuing creative spread that shits us both to tears.

So I will keep you updated on OPERATION: Clean Up, You Grub.

On the upside, Mammoth Pour has been successfully completed.

I can't wait to get my Dremel into these little resin suckers. They won't know what hit them.


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Cicada Studio said...

Neat! It's cool to see your work in progress, (sort of). Some things are a complete mystery to me.