Monday, March 3, 2008

Trunkt Trove

So a while back I was chuffed to have been accepted into Trunkt, an online showcase of independent designers. I had previously tried for it but was knocked back, so I dusted myself off, made improvements and went hurtling back towards them head-first. And voila! The brick pillar disappeared and I found myself at Platform 9 3/4. (Sorry)

I've not only had a spike of increase as far as wholesale/consignment orders go, but I've also discovered some amazing artists through Trunkt.

baby Hepburn by Kcolinebaby Hepburn

This designer, Kcoline is freaking amazing! These clothes make me feel all New York chic. Kind of like I live in an-oh-so-hip quarter of the Village and work at an edgy fashion magazine.

Not that I'm projecting my dreams or anything...

Sparky may one day have the opportunity to work abroad (most likely New York or London) so I have a running fantasy of doing just that. It gets me through those days of doing the groceries in my tracksuit pants and feeling as though a burger at the pub (across the road) is a "night out".

But it would almost certainly put an end to my other dream of opening a retail store/studio/gallery/creative space here in our little suburb. So we shall see. I've had absolutely NO success in choosing where life will take me (except with Sparky, that was a foregone conclusion the first time we saw each other) so why would I start getting it right now!

Ask me 10 years ago and I would be working in the film industry. Ask me three years ago and I would be running my own commercial florist. Ask me two years ago and I would have been working in events. Now I'm a TV captioner and working my butt off to get my jewellery business off the ground. I wonder where I'll be in 2 years...

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