Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Somedays I feel like my world is one huge list!!

I like journals and when I get overwhelmed, I really feel the need write everything down. That's probably why I've taken to blogging like Sammy Davis Jr Jr taking to the act of masticating her tail. (Everything is Illuminated again, I tells ya, it's in my head!) AAANYway, my life is currently just sheafs of random paper and I feel that I could benefit from a good journalisation. I do love this journal from staceyhandmade but needed a fix right NOW. So I just bought a $2 lined office notebook from the local newsagents and I feel better already. Now to just use it.

One such sheaf of paper that has been the bane of my life lately has just been plucked from my messy, messy handbag and I will now divulge the (mostly nonsensical to anyone not me) items on this list.

- Post Office
- Buy zuchini (x3) and yoghurt
- Organise money (HAH!)
- Pack for weekend
- Cut remaining S
- Reply to:
* Gail
* Pearl
* Shez
* Brooke
- Photos
- Glue
- Pour coloureds
- Cut paper
- Seal glued and paper
- Pour
- List required stock
- Washing
- Clean bathroom/kitchen

Now to stop procrastinating and start doing...


I'm trying to guess which of the newly listed Etsy items will sell first and I think I've decided that my money is on my Minami Cocktail Ring. I'm not entirely sure why, just a feeling.

OK, I really had better go now. May not be in over the Easter Weekend, so I hope all those you love stay safe and well and that happiness abounds.



sound&fury said...

When you find yourself writing a list of lists to write - that's when you know that you have a serious problem.

esta sketch said...

haha, oh lists, where would we be without them. though often i find myself making lists but never reading them (or finding them) again. still, just the act of writing things down helps get my thoughts in order i think.

High Desert Diva said...


Allison said...

I love lists - good luck getting things done!

letitiah said...

i would guess the beau necklace!

but, yes, the lists, oh the lists. If only more things got removed from them rather than added to them...

Caroline said...

I'm a big fan of lists, but I keep them on my computers/PDA. Lots of digital scraps laying about!

I love that notebook... very cute.