Monday, March 10, 2008


OPERATION: CUYG (see below) is continuing at a rate of very slow knots. We had a spare hour over the weekend, so got so far as to throw out a bunch of crap and clear the floor to a point you can see carpet. SEE! CARPET! Si, carpet.

Next on the agenda is storage solutions. A long workbench stretching across the window wall and around the corner. Bookshelves, hanging racks for all my papers and wire drawers to keep things organised. Oh, and a filing cabinet.

Yesterday, I found some more WONDERFUL paper and a local plating company, so it was a good day all round.

I can't wait to get some of this pretty lilac and aqua paper in action. I had a pretty big session yesterday and this morning I'm ready for (Not Quite) Mammoth Pour #2. I'm loving this new resin too. Finally, I don't feel apprehensive as to how much I'll lose. Amazing!

Off to finish my consignment order for Georgie Love and new stock for my Etsy store. Keep your eyes peeled!


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