Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Got Cuffs?

As promised, I have finally started to introduce cufflinks to my range. The first two designs have been added to my Etsy store, hopefully in time for fathers day in the US. We don't celebrate fathers day until September, so Sparky will have to wait!

While I am happy to have some stock in store for the gentlemen of the world, these cufflinks don't discriminate - they're perfect for women too! I can also see them as perfect gifts for bridal parties as I can customise a bridal party package (cufflinks for the groom and groomsmen, necklaces/earrings/rings for the bridesmaids and bride, mini jewellery for the flower girls, etc).

In other news:

- I am sad to discover I no longer enjoy cheese on toast.
- The launch party is shaping up to be enormous. (100+ invited)
- My local stockist wants to buy my whole range.
- We have hired a mini skip for the weekend as we will be clearing out the gardens in preparation for our vegie patch, mini orchard and cottage/herb garden.
- I am working on some new photography ideas. Need to set myself apart. Looking to use Sparky's sister as a model.
- I'm applying for the Young Blood Designer Markets next week.
- Sparky, Missy and myself are going away for the weekend soon and we couldn't be more excited. Beachfront hotel, great cafes and no cooking for me!

I'm sure there's more scintillating updates to give but I really need to get cracking on the day. Shopping (coffee) with my mum this morning, hoping to buy a new pair of Chucks for Sparky and myself (cream for me, black for him), gurgling with Isla, trimming to do and a massive, enormous pour this afternoon.

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