Thursday, May 21, 2009


Today is a wonderful day. Not only is it Friday (which is joy enough alone), but today is wonderful because I have been featured on the beautiful blog of all blogs, Modish! Many, many thanks to the lovely Jena for making my month!

Today is also wonderful (and hectic and exhilarating) as today is the day of my local launch party. We've invited around 100 of my loyal local customers, stockists, friends and family and it's shaping up to be a fabulous night. I really must get cracking on the day because I still need to go and set up my display, buy flowers, chill champagne, charge camera (SO glad I've just remembered that!), not to mention play with Miss Is, drink coffee and generally run around.

Between Fashion Week and the launch I feel as though I haven't really drawn breath since before Isla was born, but before I start to grumble I need to remind myself that this is what I've dreamed of doing for the last couple of years. It's funny, in my mind's eye it all seemed much more glamorous, much more organised, much less by-the-seat-of-my-pants, but the fact remains that I'm doing it. Sometimes I just need to remind myself of that!

The upside is that after the hecticness of the past three months, Sparky, Isla and I are taking a weekend away - somewhere to relax by the beach and do nothing but spend time together, drink coffees, eat great food, drink beers, watch Sparky surf, walk, explore, talk and read the paper (and maybe some magazines because it has been FOREVER since I read a proper, grown-up fashion magazine! I'm thinking Frankie, Pepper Mint, Harpers, Vogue, maybe even Madison for a bit of fun.)

I'm hoping to come home relaxed and refreshed and ready to tackle my next event - the Magnolia Square Market. After that is (hopefully) the Young Blood Designer Market at the Powerhouse Museum. After that....

Arggh! See? I can't switch off!

Must run. x

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