Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Now, hear hear.

So Sparky bought me a baby monitor for mothers day, which is fabulous. It's fabulous because I can now go and work in the studio for a productive length of time, rather than 5-minute grabs, interrupted by my need to get up and check that Isla is OK. I will be comfortable in the knowledge that I can hear every little noise that comes from the cute little resting bundle. Except that this week there has been no cute little resting bundle. Sparky has been away with work and I swear Is missed him. She was wakeful, whingy and c.rank.y. Like mother, like daughter in that regard.

Sparky also bought me (himself) a Wii Fit for mothers day, which made me extremely excited. I would say almost as excited as this fellow:

I have been yoga-ing and hula-hooping myself silly for the past few days and I'm surprised and pleased to say that it does actually give you quite a good workout. Fingers crossed I keep up the enthusiasm.

Anyway, seeing as I do actually have things to do - a VIP launch party happening next Friday night, Magnolia Square Markets coming up in July, etc, etc - I should get out to the studio. Miss Is has decided today she shall sleep, so today I shall work.


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Georgie Love said...

Where are these promised Miss Isla pics? We wants them!!!