Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My very own "A-Ha!" Moment...

So I had a brilliant discovery yesterday that will (hopefully) mean I can save a ha-uuuge amount of time in uploading photos to my Etsy store, my website, Flickr and this here blog. I use a Mac PowerBook G4 and don't have Photoshop or any wing-ding fantabulous photo-editing software so uploading photos has always meant uploading enormous 1GB+ files to Flickr then resizing them. As you can imagine, this took a long, long time and resulted in me not wanting to do it. Ever.

Yesterday I discovered this most excellent downloadable program called Downsize , which takes all the images in a particular folder and...well, downsizes them. While the more technologically-savvy of you are probably saying, "Uh, yeah. Wow. That's really...great. Not." I personally did a happy dance of small-imaged joy. Which shall never be repeated in public. So don't ask. Please.

And, yes, I did just use the circa 1997 suffix of the sarcastic 'not'. I am way hip.

See? Look how easy it is for me to upload photos now?...

(OK, so you probably can't tell, but that usually takes way longer.)

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