Sunday, May 17, 2009

Now that you mention it...

I'm feeling pretty (freakishly) wonderful this morning. Lots of energy, lots of enthusiasm for the week ahead. Surely, but surely, this cannot last? Best make hay then I guess!

I'm eagerly awaiting to see an upcoming feature for Trove on a wonderful, well-read blog (which I won't name, in the fear of jinxing it) and am hoping it may give me a boost in exposure and sales.

Beyond sitting around on my computer hitting the 'Refresh' button every 20 seconds, I do have a lot to do:

- Last week's gluing and trimming sessions
- Monster pour in preparation for this Friday night's launch party
- Prep for party (order forms, display, signage, pricing, etc)
- Photograph my new cufflinks and get them up on Etsy in preparation for Father's Day (yes, apparently Father's Day is celebrated in June in some parts of the world. who knew?)
- Photograph new stud earrings and list in Etsy store
- Clean up studio (AKA the giant pig-sty in which all my fashion week paraphernalia has been unceremoniously dumped and not been touched since)
- Accounts
- Admin-y stuff

Beyond that, the Magnolia Square markets are creeping up on me and I really need to get cracking on my inventory for that. The fun part of markets is that I can sell one-offs and samples, which allows me to play around a bit and get a feel for what people like and don't like, before I add a new design to my production inventory.

These markets have been running in and around Melbourne for a few years now and I'm so excited to be involved in their first Sydney event. The organisers have been brilliant so far and I'm hoping for it to be a successful event. If it's not I'll only have myself to blame because the target market for the markets (stylish women who are looking for unique wares for themselves, their kids, their homes, their tummies, etc) is smack-bang in the middle of my target market. Looking forward to it!

Oh, and before I go, I had a very, very exciting brainwave yesterday afternoon. I'm hoping to start production on some prototype resin, paper and acrylic wall hangings over the next couple of weeks. I think the papers and fabrics I use are so pretty that I want to see them all the time, not just on my ears or around my neck. And the combination of the resin with the paper and a slightly thicker acrylic base would give such a luxurious, touchable feel to the hangings. What do you think about this?

I will come back with some photos and updates once I get started, but I was so ridiculously excited yesterday. I love making jewellery but a new project is so very exciting!

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