Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pressy McPressface

While I was away at fashion week the Courier Mail's 9 to 5 magazine featured my new Elements necklaces! Exciting, no?

It was my first "real" media feature and it made me very happy. Sparky had sent out media releases for me and this was the first response that actually made it to print (so far).

My grand plan to take over the world includes sending a parcel of Trove goodness to each and every relevant magazine, newspaper and media outlet, so I hope the feature pleasure continues!

This week though I am focusing on my upcoming launch party, which should be a lot of fun. We've invited around 100 people (mostly loyal customers from the local area) and I hope to launch the Elements range with the help of some lovely champagne and a few orders.

These are some of the beautiful shots I had taken at my first professional photo shoot, just before fashion week. Ads, the photographer, did such a fabulous job considering he had over 80 shots to take in just a few hours and we had to contend with two little bubs (his son was born the same day as Miss Isla).

Speaking of the gorgeous Miss Isla, I'd love to post some more photos of her (she's changed so so much) but I'm having camera-to-computer relationship difficulties so I'm unable. But hopefully I'll be getting a new computer soon (iMac - whoop!) and I can shower you with photos!! Aren't you excited??

Best be off. Coffee to drink, work to do.


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