Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Things

As far as weeks go, this one feels as though it's been quite terrible.

There's been much angst from the little one (teeth giving her a lot of bother), the weather's been humid and atrocious, the doggy is driving us crazy with her mad landscaping skillz and I've been struck with a moderate case of the blahs.

But when I look at it, there have been so many more ups than downs. And I'm talking good ups.

- The new packaging arrived. And as I said on Twitter, " little label is growing up. first shipment of 'proper' packaging just arrived. looks incredible." I'll post some images shortly.

- I got myself an iPhone! Sure, everyone's doing it, but I am an Apple lover and my phone was on its last legs, so I conformed. And it feels good.

- I received word from the fashion editor of a big newspaper that there will be a feature on my jewellery come March. This as a result of a media push I did a couple of weeks ago.

- I brought together my thoughts and ideas for the next collection (see previous post). It's still very much a work in progress but I'm getting more and more excited about it every day.

- The lookbook and linesheets have been finished for Life in Style and will be printed next week.

- I was approached to apply (and did apply) for a new mentoring program that Australian Fashion Partners are putting together, called Fashion Business Boot Camp, which will take the participants through a number of topics that relate directly to small labels trying to establish themselves in the Australian fashion industry. The topics will cover marketing/sales, business planning, cash flow management, strategic planning, range development etc. It sounds like a great opportunity and I'm hoping that it will herald the beginning of the next stage for Trove.

So I guess, it really wasn't a bad week at all. Just the old mindset needed a shake-up. And the weekend is going to be fab-u-lous.

Isy's got swimming lessons, we have dinner (out! in a restaurant! with other adults!) on Saturday night and Sunday will hopefully see us visiting some friends for a beer and a chinwag.

So things ARE looking up. Which is good.

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Mon Alisa Design said...

That's great! Very exciting! Enjoy your weekend, especially dinner with other adults...I'm very jealous!