Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We like to garden.

(Although not very well, by the looks of the sad, sad grass).

In my defence, this is the front yard which has remained virtually untouched since we moved in. In October. 2008.

The back yard is starting to look fantastic though. Really.

I have to plant some more perennial herbs (sage, mint etc) and put in some more native groundcovers before the end of summer. Then we plan to clear out the entire back section of the garden (if it's full of weeds and the dreaded rhus trees, I guess you can still call it a garden?), put down a slab of crushed granite in one corner, build a big frame to grow passionfruit or wisteria on, build a wood-fired pizza oven (or a fire pit) and convert the rest of the weeded garden into a mini orchard.

Not much really.

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