Monday, February 1, 2010

Picnics & Fun-time Photos of Strangers

Over the long weekend last week Sparky, Isy and myself headed off to the national park that is not five minutes drive from our house for a picnic. (As an aside, this was the first time we've done this since moving to the mountains over a year ago. Shameful, isn't it?)

It was such a welcome break from the painting and the tradeshow prep I've been throwing myself headlong into for the past month. Just to step away from the computer, switch off, drink a beer, go for a wander. It was lovely!

I took my brand-spanking new camera in the hopes of playing, but my battery died not long after we arrived. This is what I managed before it did though:

It was so quiet and green that day. Just a handful of people camped out throughout the whole area. Blissful!

And in the 'Makes Me Smile All Goofy-Like' file comes this gorgeous shot from another of my favourite blogs, Cakies:

What a wicked little family unit! This was their New Year's Eve party and I have to say, I'm a little jealous!

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