Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back to Scheduled Programming...

I did have a dreadful night last night, but I've bucked up this morning and feel much better.

I've already ticked off a few items on the to-do list - namely sending off my Fashion Week application (more on that in a later post, because the whole thing is quite exciting), cleaning the windows in B3's room and cleaning the house - which makes me feel immmeasurably more positive.

I also discovered that applications for the next FindersKeepers Market open on the weekend, which makes me very, very happy. I had a stall at the December market and it was one of the most successful events I've attended. The organisers just seemed to nail the demographic and got a great mix of artists/crafters there.

This is me and Cousin Cody at the end of the Saturday, where I'd virtually sold out of all of my stock. No earrings, about 5 rings and some pendants left. It was fabbo!

So I'll get my app in for that shortly and will get to planning my stock out over the next week or so. I don't want to be caught short again.

Beyond that, it's a weekend of blissful domesticity that awaits. Painting our bedroom, doing some light gardening (I can't wait to get our compost heap going and build our new garden beds and dwarf citrus orchard, but that will have to wait until B3 arrives and the weather cools a little) and we're clearing out the garage in preparation for my new studio!! YAYAYAY!! It's being built next weekend and I can't wait!! I'll take some pics to show the progress as we go.

So I may have had a glitch in the happiness radar last night but things are certainly looking up and up and up. How could they not when the sun is shining, B3's only weeks away, I'm listening to Paul Simon and it's a Friday.

B x


Georgie Love said...

OF COURSE your stuff is going to sell like wildfire, it does everywhere, you know why?

1. You're lovely, this always helps - stuff from nice people sells well, this sounds hokey, but it's true.

2. Your work is BEAUTIFUL, it's delicate and immaculate.

3. It's so reasonably priced - it's affordable.

YOU'VE nailed the market, lady.

Trove said...

Sal, you made me all teary!!

Thanks for being so lovely yourself. If it wasn't for wonderful handmade supporters like yourself, I certainly wouldn't be heading down this path.