Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gardening is cool.

Sparky got a copy (autographed, no less) of Don Burke's 'The Lazy Gardener' for Christmas. Dorky, you say? Nay, the coolest present ever! It is a really great, simple, beginners-level book that introduces lots of basic gardening ideas in language that doesn't make you feel like an idiot. Well, I still feel like an idiot, but that's because my brain has been lost somewhere over the past eight months...

Anyway, as a result, we're both turning into gardening nerds and having long, enjoyable conversations about compost, vege cultivars, birds, lawn and water conservation. Maybe it's because of little B3's impending arrival that all things new and growing and alive have become so interesting, or maybe it's because we're fuddy-duddy's, but whatever the reason, it's wonderful! I can't wait to be able to get out there and really get my hands in!

The benefits to us and the surrounding area is sure to be massive, with tonnes of different plants to choose that will not only help rid our yard of pesky Indian mynahs but also bring many beautiful, native birds...

This afternoon, I'm having a little not-a-baby-shower afternoon tea at our house with my mum, sisters, mum-in-law, sister-in-law and a few friends. I was really hesitant to have any kind of shower because the moment you announce you're having a baby is the moment people start talking about all the stuff you need/want/have to have because Angelina Jolie has it. We're trying to live a simpler life than that and I guess I was a bit afraid of getting sucked in to being that person. But I love the company of my family and friends and thought that what better way to celebrate impending mumminess than sharing good champagne, delicious chocolate brownies and lots of laughs? So that's what we're doing. Yay!

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Jenna Appleton said...

Nice work in the garden! I need to tear out a bunch of existing concrete and pavers in my small yard if I want a decent garden - typical Sydney :P The previous owners planted lots of water-guzzlers in big pots :(

We didn't have a shower for Daniel either - I refused, we just don't want that much 'stuff'. Even with that, people gave/passed on so much that there were enough clothes for three babies :P

(Daniel, at three months today, wears 00s and the odd smaller-make 0 - I feel bad about all the gorgeous 000's we were given. In this weather, they're pretty much just in a singlet and nappy anyway!)