Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Productiveness = Happiness

I actually achieved the main goal I had set for myself yesterday.


I set out to organise my work into collections (which were semi-formed in my baby-addled brain but not in any coherent or usable form). This equals much happiness because it now means my wholesale materials can be redesigned as well as including this info in my Fashion Week application, which is due to be in by Friday.

Still Life

This is my main collection (for now) and now includes these designs in so many beautiful papers/fabrics:

- Place Earrings
- Cercle Earrings (Regular and Petit)
- Travers Earrings
- Poteau Studs

- Cercle Necklace
- Ficele Necklace - NEW! NEW! NEW!
- Horizon Necklace
- Travers Necklace Petit and Large
- Baisse Necklace - NEW!
- Ovale Necklace
- Jumeau Necklace

It may not seem like much but it's been a real obstacle to me getting my stuff together for wholesale and industry events. Now I can focus on streamlining production further and once B3 is born (I may be living on Planet Kookoo-La-La when I say this) I can start building the biz further.

B x

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