Thursday, February 12, 2009


Despite the sum total of two hours sleep last night (thank YOU, Mr Indigestion) I am feeling rather chipper. This will last approximately 37 minutes more, after which I will become an ugg-boot-wearing, Arrested-Development-watching, tea-sipping moron.

You betcha.

The things that have most excited me this morning are:

1. Yesterday, B3's Dr was more than pleased with progress and has said, "Any day now." That's great with me because I know that in Dr-speak, "Any day now," actually means, "Tomorrow, definitely. And it won't hurt, either." So that's good news.

2. I've had much success with my new pieces. I found the BEST vintage lace and doilies in a shop in my home town and these are now taking front and centre stage in my new line. Much joy to be had when I get those pretty babies into production.

3. It's still raining and cold. It's DELIGHTFUL.

4. Sparky wore one of his Timber! T-shirts to work this morning and looked particularly handsome.

5. The postponed studio build looks to be happening over the weekend.

6. I'm making cauliflower risotto with chilli/anchovie crumble for dinner tonight and it will be delicious.

So there is much joy to be had while I sit around home and wait for B3 to make their much-anticipated appearance. I may use that time constructively (finishing my bookkeeping, budgeting for the year, etc) or I may use that time unconstructively (see above comment RE Arrested Development and tea.)

Please, enjoy your day.



C. Wade said...

My vote is for AD and tea!

Trove said...

I like the way you think!