Sunday, February 15, 2009

Le Sigh

I really didn't feel like posting because it would make real the fact that I'm still here, sans behbeh, and I'm feeling hormonal and teary enough. (Poor Sparky).

I have, however, closed my Etsy store as I've been feeling beyond unwell and I really thought I was on my way yesterday. But alas, no. The good news being that I can't be far away. Hooray!!

In other news, Sparky and I are having homemade chicken curry pie for dinner.

(DISCLAIMER: Not made in MY home.)


Georgie Love said...

(cheeky again) You are of course welcome to send any stuff from your shop to us to look after, if you have the energy!

Trove said...

Thanks for the offer Miss Sal! There may just be a package'o'goodies in the mail shortly...