Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cheer up, Charlie.

It's a sunshiney day.

This old favourite was featured somewhere overnight and I now have lots more Etsy love. A small thing, maybe, but it's made my Monday morning far less blech than it may have otherwise been. (2 hours sleep + kicking bub + squeaky fan + sore hips = crank factor of 10).

So let's just keep the sunshine coming, shall we? I've been checking out some of my fellow tweets (I am loving Twitter these days) and these are the treasures I've found.

This most delightful brigitta bracelet comes from the b-line. Loves! There's also a birgitta ring that's calling my name, repeatedly.

Is this Lapin de Lune bunny not the sweetest little creature ever? LouLou & Oscar create the most adorable critters... Sigh.

And while not really sunshiney, the sweet works of Nichole from little brown pen make me so happy, it's as good/better than sunshine anyway! I can't wait for B3 to A) be born and B) grow up enough to colour in these lovely little printable colouring-in cards. Oh, and little brown pen's blog is one of my must-reads each day. Ah, Paris...

And that brings an end to today's dream-shop. Now, for the Monday fun-ness that is:

- Laundry
- Ironing
- Cleaning up all the spilled paint from our bedroom-painting adventures on the weekend (Why be cautious when you can have your own Jackson Pollock moment??)
- Visiting the bubs-doctor this afternoon (yay!)
- Going for a swim/float
- Possibly retaking my photos... (Possibly.)

Happy Monday!
B x


Anonymous said...

I love the old favorite...definitely a ray of sunshine in my otherwise, dreary, icy, without power week.

shopPOPKO said...

oh yes! I saw this featured in a few places in the last few days. everyone seems to need this bit of sunshine in the middle of winter!