Monday, February 9, 2009

What to say...

Words can't describe how sad Sparky and I are feeling about the horrific bushfire situation down in Victoria at the moment. As a human being it just breaks your heart to see the suffering that so many people are experiencing - it's really beyond comprehension to us. And as soon-to-be parents the idea that entire families have been taken away, and parents from children, children from parents... The enormity and gravity of that is too huge to get our heads around.

We're saying our prayers for all those affected and urge people to give as much as they can spare to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. This is where us humans do me proud - digging deep and helping out where and when they can.

Beyond that everything else seems, in comparison, not unimportant but small somehow. But excitingly, I don't think it will be very long until B3 arrives with us. Days, rather than weeks, according to my doctor.

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Georgie Love said...

Please send me your address so I can send something to B3 when she/he finally arrives!

Good luck!