Monday, February 16, 2009

Where a floral blouse becomes jeans

Deciding not to waste every non-parent moment I have left (however many that may be, you stubborn little B3) I started thinking about the clothes I may buy for winter, once I am slightly less... circular.

I had in mind a couple of great blousy shirts from Etsy, which will look gorgeous with the perfect pair of crisp, dark denim jeans, some fab boots, perhaps a fitted blazer. "Easy," I thought. "I'll just pull together a couple of photos and bookmark some stores to come back to when I have the figure/money to buy."

Well, that was two and a half hours ago. As it turns out, I inadvertently sent myself on a long, winding journey on the denim train, and have yet to return.

When I was younger and working in the film biz, I fell into the trap of thinking that the jeans you wore really mattered. Like, I mean, really mattered. I am not a trend follower but I found myself sucked into the strange, strange world of the cult denim. I developed a very strong bond with 7 for all mankind jeans and bought (ahem) 5 pairs within 12 months. When you consider these retailed for $250-$500 a pair and I was earning a pittance, it was quite the investment. Quite the rush too.

Anyway, I bought my last pair of ridiculously expensive jeans in a great boutique in New York (how fabulous, dahlink!) in 2004 when we were on our round-the-world backpacking odyssey. I didn't want to 'ruin' my new jeans by wearing them so I proceeded to keep them wrapped in tissue paper in the bottom of my (very heavy) backpack for the next six months. When I got home, however, I wore those babies at least 3 times a week and they only went to denim heaven sometime last year.

I have completely lost my reason for telling this story now...

Oh, yeah. I've been looking for the perfect pair of jeans to buy after bubs comes along and 2 hours after my search began I came across the 7 for all mankind website and as it turns out, their jeans are still fabulous. Just really strong, basic, sophisticated denim that won't date.

So, these are the three pairs I have narrowed it down to, and I just hope to find that they stock these designs in Australia, when the time comes.

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