Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was all geared up to write something more than a little grumpy this morning. I'm feeling less than stellar and more than crappy so it would've been something like:

"Blah, blah... Can't sleep... cranky... baby arrive?

"No long pants fit me... fat arse... boofy hair...

"Sick of cold... sick of hot..

"Craving bad foods... cream cheese icing... not watermelon??"

I may have even looked a little like this:

But I was perusing my much-neglected Flickr account this morning, putting off the inevitable cleaning chores, when I noticed a new comment on this image:

And I quote:

Me encanta tu trabajo, podias decirme si en Madrid podria aprender a hacer ese tipo de joyas .

Yes, yes, fat lot of good that does unless one speaks Spanish (which I do not, unless you count, "Dos cervezas mas finas, por favor," which means "Two of your finest beers, please.") So I used my trusty friend Babelfish, which gave me the following:

Your work enchants to me, podias to say if in Madrid podria to me to learn to make that type of jewels.

So while I do not know what podias or podria means, I am looking at the word 'enchants' and I am running with it. Enchant! Imagine! Enchanting!! How lovely!!

Thank you, anonymous Spanish Flickr user, for making my day.

B x

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Anonymous said...

Cute post and I love the picture of the little boy...I think I look like that most mornings without a cold. Hope you feel better.