Monday, June 8, 2009

My (Long) Weekend...

..was so delightful! Sparky had four days off and it was just one of those magical weekends where you get a whole heap accomplished but also feel incredibly relaxed. It. Was. Bliss.

We (finally) dug out our vegie garden and planted it out with lettuce, peas, snow peas, beetroot, silverbeet and leeks and while I don't think it gets enough sun for winter planting, so far, so good. And at least the leeks are likely to survive - they grow in most conditions.

Please excuse the craptastic nature of both the photo and the rest of the garden - one step at a time!

We also started to plant out a herb garden. We've got rosemary, oregano, thyme and coriander (we'll see how that goes, I've never had any success growing it before but it's my favourite herb). We also planted lavender because it just smells delicious and I have grand illusions of recreating the best dessert I've EVER had, which was a lavender creme brulee. So we've got the lavender part, now for the creme brulee tree...

Aside from dinking about in the garden, we cleaned out the garage, went through Issy's clothes because she's (sniff) growing out of all her tiny baby clothes, went through our wardrobes and came out with FIVE humungous bags for St Vinnies and spent lovely time with lovely family.

It was, indeed, delightful.

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