Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Weekend...

While fairly ordinary on the weather front, and not a lot of work work was undertaken, I did manage to do some wonderful things over the weekend.

Sparky and I went for a walk to the markets and while yes, we got saturated (Issy was tucked away in her little pocket of dryness, not to worry) and missed the bagel man, we did stop for a coffee, had wonderful chats and laughed lots.

We also got to catch up with my lovely friend who's not long back from a wonderful trip through SE Asia. It was so nice to chat and catch up and hear all about her trip. Sounds spectacular. Sounds life-changing. Sounds like I really want to pack up the family and head to Thailand immediately.

I baked, which always makes me happy. This weekend it was another batch of the delicious choc chip biscuits and a honey nougat slice. Which is delicious. I should now. I'm eating it right now. Mmm.

I also managed to list some new pieces in my Etsy store.

The Stork Earrings.

The Fluidity Ring.

The Travers Necklace - Atomic.

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