Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Weekend...

Again, it was fairly spectacular!

I had a self-imposed computer ban over the weekend, to give my brain some time to think without constant bombardment from emails, Twitter, orders, etc and I've gotta say, it really did the trick. I'm back into the working week feeling rejuvenated, re-energised and excited.

So instead of rushing about the house doing my domestics and checking the computer every 10 minutes (lest I miss something earth-shattering, of course) I had time to read the whole paper (both Saturday and Sunday), bake delicious choc-chip cookies, do a spot of gardening, finish said domestics, spend lots of wonderful time with Sparky and Is, watch half of the third season of Arrested Development, go for an enormously long and lovely walk, drink good coffee and generally have a fabulously lazy, uncomputered time.

The walk was a highlight because I was finally able to live out a year-long dream. When Sparky and I first found out we were having a bub I daydreamed about going for lovely long walks, the three of us, on crisp wintery days, each of us wearing a hat. Yes, seriously. That was my daydream. The three of us in hats. On Saturday, the hat walk happened. Issy looked adorable even though the hat we chose to put her in was a tad too big:

Such a delicious weekend!!

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Bonnie- amour amour said...

Hi Brooke,
I just randomly came across your blog and realised that I knew you from uni. I love your designs and congratulations to you and Ben on your marriage and gorgeous little girl, that is so exciting.
Bonnie x
(McDonald, but now Blackburn and was friends with Ashlea and Lauren if you need your memory jogged after all these years ;))