Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekly Goal Round Up

In follow-up to my less than stellar 50-percenter last week, I'm hoping to have a more productive week this week. I actually have to have a more productive week this week. The Magnolia Square markets are fast approaching and I have muchas work to get through. Plus we have visitors staying next weekend, so the work getting done will be minimal.

The major tasks on this week's list are:

- Finish the mother-of-all pours from last week (now only 400+ pieces)
- Assemble 300+ pieces
- Polish 300+ pieces
- Prep stock for markets (price, tag, etc)
- Finalise display for Mag Square
- Finish 75 samples for magazines
- Place packaging order at Rio Grande
- Visit local stockist
- Research sales rep

So that's what I've got coming up. Fingers crossed I get through the majority of it, and fingers crossed I don't see the bottom two items on next week's list.

Tally-ho! The week awaits!!

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