Friday, June 19, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

So I'm a summer girl at heart and find the short days, cold mornings and icy toes of winter to be rather uninspiring. The only upsides I see to winter are wearing hats, drinking a lot more tea, slow-cooker meals and snowboarding. (Not that I've been anywhere near the snow in about four years. Boo.)

So this grey, cold, drizzly weather has made me a bit cranky. First of all, the bagel man wasn't at the local market this morning, Sparky and I got soaked on the way to said market and the paper was wet this morning when I went to open it. (I know, right. These are my problems. Life is real tough.)

Anyway, I completely forget the reason for beginning this post (that's what happens when my train of thought is interrupted by coffee and biscuits) so let's just say I hope you have a smashing weekend. Rain or no.

1 comment:

planettreasures said...

No bagel man! Oh noooooo!
that is a disaster!
and a wet paper - double disaster.
Hope the week gets better for you.